MyCourses Web Instructions – Environmental Health and Safety | Binghamton University

We have been working hard to increase access to a variety of training topics. These
modules are offered through the MyCourses platform that all students, faculty, and
staff have access to. These modules are meant as supplemental training and are not intended to replace in-person training seminars that are offered through EH&S.

How to Access

The EH&S Organization can be accessed via the self-enroll link.

After you Self-Enroll

Once you have clicked the self-enroll link above, you will be enrolled in the EH&S
Organization. Now, every time you log in to MyCourses, the EH&S Organization can be
found under the “My Organizations” box. You can access myCourses via myBinghamton or the MyCourses home page. 

Taking the Modules

Learning Modules can be viewed under the “Content” page in the left hand navigation
pane of the organization. The modules are not organized into a lesson plan, therefore
users are free to navigate the content and choose which modules are relevant to their

 All modules are graded on a pass/fail rubric. You will receive credit for taking
a module by navigating to the “Tools” menu on the left hand navigation bar in MyCourses
and clicking on “My Grades”

If you have any issues with the MyCourses platform, please visit the ITS webpage. If you have any questions about the EH&S Organization within MyCourses, please direct
them to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at 7-2211 or email