MyLife Corporate Office

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Jeffrey Tinsley founded MyLife.Com originally under the name Reunion.Com in 2002.

The company is an information broker, gathering information from public sources and other sites, such as social media, to create “MyLife Public Page” about individuals that anyone can access.

The information available can range from home addresses, work history, age, phone numbers, current and past employers, photos, relatives, etc.

In 2007, after receiving $25 million in venture funding, the company changed its name to MyLife.Com.

In 2011, a lawsuit against MyLife said the company was engaging in false advertising practices, similar to what was alleged in a 2008 Classmates.Com class-action lawsuit. The suit also accused MyLife of false solicitation by offering monthly memberships and then charging members’ credit cards at the annual rate.

 The class-action suit also accused MyLife of spamming contacts improperly gathered from the address books of those visiting the site.  U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken’s ruling consolidated the 2011 class-action lawsuit with two other fraud class actions against MyLife. Ultimately the lawsuit was dismissed.

In October 2021, the company was hit with another class-action lawsuit stating that the company violates the privacy of those who have never visited the site.

Also in October 2021, MyLife.Com had a C rating on the Better Business Bureau site with no accreditation. From 2018 to 2020, the BBB received almost 14,000 complaints about MyLife.Com.

MyLife maintains a corporate office in Los Angeles, California.