MyLife Launches Reputation Platform for Developers – Making the Internet Safer for Everyone & More Profitable for Partners

LOS ANGELES, May 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — MyLife is making the internet safer for everyone by allowing websites and mobile app developers — including dating and all other online services — to verify profiles, and provide access to Background Reports, Reputation Scores, and personal reviews for all of their members, empowering users of these sites to know exactly who is on the other end of the profile. Now people don’t need to wonder if it’s safe to go on that date or invite that repairman over for a quote.

MyLife has been designed to become the standard platform and service for reputation research and management, allowing people to learn more about others, a critical need for the safety and security for all online marketplaces. It’s not only dating sites like and Bumble that will benefit, local services providers such as HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List, pet and childcare services like and, peer-to-peer Classifieds and sales sites like Craigslist, and ride-sharing services all stand to improve their customer experience.

And when people feel more safe and secure engaging with other individuals they don’t know, interaction and commerce on these services will increase.

“We believe MyLife will completely revolutionize online marketplaces, offering members of these sites greater protection and peace of mind,” says Jeff Tinsley, CEO of

Today, MyLife verification is more important than ever. As many as 84 percent of singles on dating websites falsify some portion of their profiles, and 10 percent of profiles are kém chất lượng, according to Psychology Today. Additionally, the FBI issued a Crime Report indicating that more than $230 Million is lost annually as a result of online dating scams alone – a serious problem that continues to grow. Even Jeannette Weinstein, Head of Partnerships at MyLife, had her own
negative experience. She got a Background Report on a man only after having a dinner date with him and discovered he was married, something he lied about. This wasted evening, and worse, could have been avoided had Bumble leveraged MyLife’s Reputation Platform.

Online predators, scammers, and frauds are now on notice. MyLife has invested over $240 million into its platform and provides compiled government, social, and public records for more than 320 million people in the United States, giving access to verified background records including a person’s age, past and current marital status, criminal and court records, lawsuits, liens, and bankruptcies, as well as Yelp-like personal reviews and an overall Reputation Score for everyone so people can know more about others they are engaging with online.

“As our reliance on these online marketplaces continues grow, so do companies’ responsibility to protect their consumer base,” says Tinsley. “And, MyLife will not only secure the trust of current users, but also help attract millions of potential users who are currently refraining from online dating and other digital exchanges out of fear of fraud.”

Finally, with easy integration through API and widgets, MyLife provides marketplaces with the ability to generate incremental, recurring revenue as users subscribe for paid services, which is shared with partners. 

Developers can get started by visiting or emailing Jeannette Weinstein at MyLife for partnership details at [email protected].

SOURCE MyLife Inc.

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