Mythos: Award-Winning Restaurant at Universal's Islands of Adventure

Can you imagine eating at an award-winning restaurant inside an Orlando theme park, then discover Islands of Adventure's Mythos!

When we talk about restaurants inside the parks, we usually immediately remember the different meals in the parks in the city. Disney.

However, there is a time when the Universal has been investing to change this scenario, providing its visitors with better gastronomic experiences.

One of the restaurants it's the Mythos, with mythological style it's impossible to walk around The Lost Continent area on Island of Adventure and not notice it.

Universal Resort's Mythos is one of the best restaurants within theme parks, so much so that it has received several awards for its food!

Mythos - Islands of Adventure Restaurant at Universal Studios Resort ComplexMythos – Islands of Adventure restaurant at Universal Studios Resort Complex

Like other restaurants with reservations, you first go to reception to check in, where you will receive a beep and as soon as your table is ready, it will vibrate and the red lights will flash. 

The location of Mythos, as mentioned above, is on The Lost Continent, a somewhat unknown area of the Island of Adventure, park of the Universal Complex, before the village of Hogsmeade, dedicated part of the park to the Harry Potter saga.

With that, it turns out that visitors pass right by it.

Mythos began to be noticed in 2014 and on its doorstep, to attract the attention of visitors, it has a big sign saying that it was elected for several years as the best restaurant within the theme parks.

How is Mythos Restaurant

It follows the theme of the park region, with a cave atmosphere, with small caves where the tables are located and a large hall.

Mythos - Islands of Adventure RestaurantMythos – Islands of Adventure restaurant

With a sunny day, the restaurant seems to be even more beautiful and is a great place to take a break before facing the attractions of Harry Potter, for example.

How is Mythos food at Islands of Adventure?

Undoubtedly it's a great surprise, where the restaurant begins to stand out as a different environment within a park, showing why so many awards.

With a varied menu divided into 5 parts: appetizers, main courses, salads, sandwiches and desserts!

While you choose the dishes, the waiter brings to the table a couvert with breads and a butter personalized with the name “Universal”, which is so cute.

In the United States, the couvert is usually free and ends up filling your stomach, in addition to being very tasty.

Because the menu is very varied, with sandwiches, fish, beef, chicken, pasta and salads, it is easy to please the whole family.

What is nice for those who go with more people, is that each one asks for a different dish to try. 

In addition to dishes from Thailand and other countries with a more differentiated cuisine, there are more normal dishes, such as the traditional cheeseburger, which is one of the best in Orlando's parks. 

Lamb Burger at Mythos - Universal Studios Restaurant (Islands of Adventure)Lamb Burger at Mythos – Universal Studios Restaurant (Islands of Adventure)

Among the most normal dishes that children or adults with the most demanding taste will enjoy, Mythos has meat with mashed potatoes, pasta, risotto or even a grilled salmon. 

In terms of sandwiches, in addition to the more traditional ones, the restaurant has options such as roast beef panini, tacos, crab cakes and chicken wrap.

If you're one of those people who prefers sweet to salty, save room for desserts!

There are two very nice options, the first is a collection of mini dessert shots with options for lemon tart, creme brulee, tiramisu, cheesecake and chocolate mousse. The second option is a beautiful chocolate cake with banana! 

With delicious, differentiated food, what most attracts attention at Mythos are the prices.

Something that ends up scaring many people from the restaurants inside the parks, because they believe that the prices are high and the food is not very good.

Universal Mythos - Dessert at Islands of Adventure restaurantMythos Universal – Dessert at the Islands of Adventure restaurant

However, Mythos proves the opposite, there you can find dishes between $11 and $18 dollars each and there are even cheaper options for less than $10.

Remembering that we are talking about an award-winning restaurant!  

So when considering the cost x benefit, of eating in a place with different cuisine inside the park, having the possibility to take a break in the day to rest your legs and recharge your energies.

In addition to paying a nice price to eat very well, without a doubt the Mythos it's really worth it!

Do I have to make a reservation

Well, for those who don't like to wait and enjoy having the script all programmed, make a reservation!

So you avoid that time wasted with a name in the queue. 

But if you want to let the day flow without schedules, it is possible to arrive at the restaurant and put your name on a waiting list.

But remember that you are likely to find a reasonably long queue, especially around lunchtime. 

Inside Universal's Mythos Restaurant - Islands of AdventureInside Universal's Mythos Restaurant – Islands of Adventure

As much as you get in a long line and have to wait from 40 minutes to an hour, you can relax.

Even if it's cold, you'll stay in an air-conditioned and warm environment.

And if it's a hot day seerto the, will cool off in the air conditioning!

You can also enjoy the flavored water they serve at Mythos reception!

So if you want to go to Mythos and not be wasting time waiting in line, the best thing to do is to book it through the Universal website.

Conclusion about Mythos Restaurant

The restaurant is really nice, with delicious and different food, but the service is not one of the friendliest (something Disney always wins).

In addition to eating inside the park for a fair price, taking a break in your day to recharge and have a new experience is sensational! 

Mythos Restaurant at Universal Studios - Islands of AdventureMythos Restaurant at Universal Studios – Islands of Adventure

For visitors who want to eat without spending too much time in lines, as is the case with restaurants in the Harry Potter, Mythos wins easy!

It's worth checking out the restaurant, it's no wonder it received so many awards as the best restaurant in the theme parks.

And all this at a very affordable price!

Restaurant's Technical Info

Address: 6000 Universal Studios Plaza, Orlando, FL 32819 (Island of Adventure, before the Harry Potter area)
telephone: +1 (407)-224-4534
Price: varies from US$10 and US$30 per person.
Hours of Operation: 11 am to 4 pm (Thursday) / 11 am to 5 pm (Monday to Wednesday and Sunday) or 11 am to 6 pm (Friday and Saturday) – only open for lunch
Menu: meats, pasta, salads, appetizers and desserts. 
Restaurant Official Website: Click here

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