Nail Technician

Job Description

Nail Technicians care for the skin and nails of the hands and feet. Nail Technicians provide manicures, pedicures, hand and foot massages, skin care for the hands and feet, and nail repairs. Career options include being a nail technician in a spa, salon, or med-spa, working with a podiatrist, and nail artist for the fashion industry, movies and television. With additional education nail technicians can go on to become a certified Podologist or earn a bachelor’s degree in Podology. With today’s aging population these specialties will be in high demand.

Program Description

The Nail Technician program includes the following:

  • General Sciences: anatomy, physiology, infection control, skin and nail structure and growth, nail diseases and disorders, and chemistry and electricity as it relates to nail technology.
  • Nail Care: manicuring, pedicuring, massage, electric filing, nail tip s and wraps, artificial nail enhancements and nail art.
  • Business Skills: ethics, communication, sales, and owning your own business.
  • History of nails and more.

Students will be required to perform services on the public in our supervised SPA clinic setting.

Please be aware that students with previous convictions may find it difficult to secure employment within this field.