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Domaine Des Tourelles, Lebanon 2013
$11.00firm and velvety tannins, with an expressive note of berries and spices

Massaya Le Colombier, Lebanon 2016
$11.00generous & light, round and easy to drink

Ksara Cabernet Sauvignon, Lebanon 2013
$12.00fine, ruby wine, generous, full bodied and well-crafted

Ksara Réserve du Couvent, Lebanon 2015
$12.00supple & tasty with a firm grip on the palate

Ixsir Altitude, Lebanon 2011
$12.00richly textured & full-bodied

Malbec Punto Final Reserva, Argentina 2015
$12.00raspberry and plum flavors with vanilla mocha notes

Pinot Noir, Domaine Brunet, Pays D’oc France 2016
$12.00rich and juicy on the palate with flavors of blackberry

Côtes du Rhône, Ch. Montfaucon France 2014
$12.00spicy bold and smooth with chocolate flavors

Château Ksara, Lebanon 2013
$48.00complex & rich

Domaine Wardy, Château Les Cèdres, Lebanon 2010
$52.00fresh, woody structure, good volume & long savory finish

Marquis Des Bey, Lebanon 2011
$58.00full-bodied and compacted, blend of cabernet sauvignon and syrah

Château Kefraya, Lebanon 2011
$58.00full body, elegant and spicy notes

Château Musar Rouge, Lebanon 2009
$90.00Full body with lots of spice. Quite dry on the finish

El Ixsir, Batroun Lebanon 2011
$120.00syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, fresh finish, extended length reveals aging aptitude

Château Kefraya Comte De M Grand Cru, Lebanon 2010
$135.00dry & full bodied, earthy, elegant in the palate & bright