Negril menu in Orlando, Florida, USA

The woman at the counter was rude. We stopped by in the morning to order some plates since we’re from outta town and we were the only ones there. She ignored us to finish a plate then pick up the phone and prepare another order. By the time she finally got it together she was rushing through our order, complaining they didn’t have food and was overall rude. A line started behind us cause it took so long with her tending to the phone customers and ignoring the ones right in front of her. She even started working on her friend’s order while making my plate. I would have ordered more items but clearly she did not have the time and was rudely rushing us despite us having to wait on her for 10- 15 minutes when she could have wrote down the phone orders instead. I ordered ackee and saltfish and that tasted good but the curried goat and peas would have been good if I didn’t find a big piece of plastic in my curried goat. Looked like the plastic from a meat bag. It was yellow all the way through line it had been cooked with the curry goat. Definitely, not coming back. Customer service is a joke terrible and not worth another visit.