Neos Metaverse

Our mission and story

Our aim is to accelerate the transition to virtual collaboration and to become a global platform of choice for everyone with a passion for diversity and inclusivity serving as an inspiration and example to the rest of the world.

Neos started as a virtual reality educational app and educational pilot project called World of Comenius at a grammar school that over time evolved into a full-scale metaverse engine. The very first educational demo enabled users to view human anatomy, play with atoms, force fields and robots.

Soon it became clear that the key to a truly useful and organized immersive experience was user interaction and content persistency – and that is how Neos, as a social metaverse, emerged. Thanks to funding from various investors and our very supportive community, Neos has grown into a versatile, feature-rich metaverse platform complete with its own cryptocurrency and continues to change the landscape of virtual reality experiences.

Current development roadmap is available at GitHub