New and Used Vehicle Loans – Financing for Cars, Boats and RVs

Auto & Recreational Vehicle Loans

When you’re ready to buy a car, truck or recreational vehicle, turn to a CVNB local lender you know and trust.

Auto Loans

You’ve done the research and gone on the test drives. Buying a new car is exciting, but we know dealer financing can add to the pressure. CVNB’s trusted local loan specialists are here to simplify the auto financing process.  

CVNB offers loans on most any car, including new and later year models, luxury and sports cars, and vintage models. You’ll benefit from competitive auto loan rates and APR, and loan terms that help simplify negotiating with a dealer. 

Boats and houseboats

There’s nothing like getting out on the water and enjoying Kentucky’s natural beauty. CVNB finances a wide range of boats and watercraft, from fishing boats to pontoons, with a loan product that can fit your budget.

Unlike many other lenders, CVNB has the expertise to finance houseboats. CVNB has financed the purchase of new and used houseboats in Kentucky and other states, as well as new houseboat construction.

Recreational Vehicles

More and more Kentuckians are hitting the road. CVNB helps make it possible with special financing on recreational vehicles, campers and motorcycles. We even offer pre-approval, so you can shop for an RV or motorcycle with confidence.

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Q. Is a bank car loan better than a loan from the dealership?

A. When it comes down to it – a loan is a loan. It really depends on the interest rate and whether or not you are getting the best deal you can based on your financial condition. Be sure you are aware of any loan fees that might be applicable so you can compare loan terms equally.  You’ll also want to consider the level of customer service you anticipate needing and how easily you can communicate with the lender in the future. 

Q. How do I apply for an auto loan?

There are 3 ways you can apply for a CVNB auto loan: 
1. You can apply online anytime for an auto loan.
2. Call or stop by any of our convenient locations and talk to a CVNB team member to apply for an auto loan. 
3. Download the CVNB auto loan application, print it out, complete the form, bring it by any of our convenient locations or mail it to: CVNB Loan Department, P.O. Box 709, London, Ky 40741

Q. Can I email my loan application? 
A. No. Because there is a risk that information transmitted via internet email could fall into the wrong hands, CVNB suggests that confidential information, such as tài khoản numbers or Social Security numbers, not be transmitted via email. Instead, please contact CVNB directly by phone, mail or in person. 

Q. Should I apply for a loan before I offer to purchase a vehicle?

A. You should contact your local lender first to make sure you qualify for the loan. Your lender can walk you through the loan process from start to finish and make the car purchasing process a little easier.

Q. Does CVNB offer a pre-approval letter?

A. In order for a pre-approval letter to be issued your lender will need to speak with you and understand your financial ratios and credit score. A letter can normally be quickly produced as long as the lender has all the information needed to make an informed decision. Pre-approval letters are taken seriously by lenders and carry a lot of weight.