New Braunfels Restaurants: Authentic German – New Braunfels Travel Guide

When you think of Texas, the first thing that generally pops into ones mind is pit barbecue and spice! However, New Braunfels Restaurants offer much more than than typical Texan cuisine. New Braunfels, Texas is host to numerous palate pleasing German restaurants that give locals and tourists alike a break from standard American comfort food. Authenticity is common amongst the most well known German restaurants in New Braunfels. Friesenhaus Restaurant and Bakery and Oma’s House Restaurant both excel in serving traditional and delicious German cuisine. After indulging in a feast fit for a king, it’s a short commute to one of the many charming New Braunfels Bed and Breakfasts or a traditional German-style New Braunfels Inn to rest your full stomach.

Friesenhaus Restaurant and Bakery
148 S. Castell Street
New Braunfels, TX 78130
(830) 237-8862

Friesenhaus Restaurant and Bakery is an all inclusive location that offers authentic food, beer and gifts. Open seven days a week, Friesnhaus Restaurant and Bakery opens at 8:00 am to start your day off with a hearty German breakfast. Whether it be German apple pancakes, classic brotchen (a classic German roll),ei auf brot (German bread served with a fried egg and grilled tomato) or a classic American dish such as french toast or the classic egg and bacon plate, there is something to please everyone at Friesnhaus in the morning. For lunch and dinner, entrees include the most popular German dish, schnitzel. Offering over ten different kinds of schnitzel, the Friesnhaus excels in providing diversity in the preparation of one of Germany’s signature dishes. This restaurant also offers a variety of classic American and traditional German deserts as well as an impressive selection of imported German beer on tap, an indulgence that is a must if over twenty one. On Friday and Saturday evenings, the Friesnhaus Restaurant and Bakery also delivers live music, a perfect way to spend the evening with your significant other or friends with a pint of beer or a glass of wine.

Oma’s Haus Restaurant
1248 FM 1101 Suite 200
New Braunfels, TX 78130
(830) 625-3280

Oma’s Haus originally began as a small gift shop selling German food and gifts twenty eight years ago and has since expanded into a German restaurant that is known internationally for it’s fine food and gifts. Oma’s Haus offers diners a variety of traditional and original German dishes as well as a large selection of American cuisine. Classic German dinners include a variety of schnitzels, kassler ripchen (a smoked pork loin chop), a potato pancake dinner and Oma’s Pride, a spinach dish prepared with three different kinds of cheese and ground beef and served in puffed pastry. American dinners include steak, fried chicken, pasta dishes and a few fish plates. Also serving special portioned dinners for Seniors and children, the diversity of Oma’s Haus is perfect for all parties andall ages. The gift shop at Oma’s Haus is something that should be visited by anyone who passes through New Braunfels. Offering everything from traditional beer steins, stuffed animals, imported European gifts and a large variety of imported canned goods and baked items, Oma’s Haus gift shop has something for everyone.