New China Town menu in Dallas, Texas, USA

I originally came here from Google maps because I wanted some vegetable soup. So I called in my order for a large. It was $4.95 + tax for a quart with a few pieces of chicken breast & a little more than half way with veggies. I then paid an extra dollar because it wasn?t full of veggies and asked them to fill it full. But they only added a few pieces of broccoli and onion. It didn?t have much seasoning so I added 3-4 tablespoons of soy sauce and hot pepper oil. I then ordered the garlic shrimp which was pretty good. Egg roll was fresh & crispy as were all the veggies (yummy). Although the shrimp were pretty small they were tasty. ?

The only real bone of contention was they have their closing time listed as 9pm on the menu and on this site as well (after leaving I discovered the only place they have the correct closing time (8:30p) is on the door, of which I had no way of knowing until after I left). And so at around 8p while I?m eating they?re dragging chairs back and forth across the floor as they are cleaning the dining room in preparation to close, which btw, was very disturbing. I understand people want to leave at closing time but just pick the chairs up. No need to be annoying. (I don?t think they meant to be annoying but hopefully they read this and have a bit more courtesy for the next customer).

All in all I had a great experience and enjoyed delicious food at a fair price.