New Pokemon Snap: Where It Snacks And Snoozes Request Guide

Where It Snacks And Snoozes is an easy enough request to complete once you know what you’re doing, but like most New Pokemon Snap requests, it’s initially pretty tough to figure out.

Fortunately, we’ve completed Where It Snacks And Snoozes and documented exactly how to do it without too much trouble. If you’re having a hard time figuring out who the mysterious snacking Pokemon in Florio Nature Park (Night) is, look no further than this handy guide, which breaks down every single step you need to follow.

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Here’s our comprehensive New Pokemon Snap Where It Snacks And Snoozes request guide.

New Pokemon Snap: How To Complete Where It Snacks And Snoozes

Where It Snacks And Snoozes is an early request you get after unlocking Florio Nature Park (Night). It tasks you with investigating a certain area for a Pokemon who snacks and snoozes in the same place whether it’s day or night, respectively. Despite initially being a little bit difficult to figure out, the solution for completing the request is actually remarkably easy.


Here are all the steps you need to follow to complete Where It Snacks And Snoozes.

  • Load into Florio Nature Park (Night) and head towards the first bridge, which leads to the forest area. This is the area where Wurmple is during the day and where Murkrow and Caterpie are at nighttime.
  • When you see the mound of dirt next to the Crystabloom, both of which will be pointed out by environmental scanning prompts, scan the mound. This will cause Pinsir’s horns to pop up out of the ground. At this point, throw an Illumina orb at its horns to make it pop up.
  • It isn’t strictly necessary, but we’ve typically had better success by throwing another Illumina orb at the Crystabloom, too.
  • Next, face the trees behind the mound where Heracross can be found during the day. Throw a fluffruit at the trees and Heracross should drop down.
  • Take a photo of Heracross on the ground with Pinsir beside it, ensuring that Heracross is the subject Pokemon. At the end of the level, make sure to submit this exact photo to Professor Mirror, which will mark the request as complete.

It’s worth noting that this also causes another Heracross to spawn on the other side of the map, where the second Pinsir can be found. Before you get to the sign where either Taillow or Hoothoot sits, Heracross and Pinsir will fight to the left of where Magikarp is, right at the end of the lake. If you photograph them there, you’ll be awarded a four-star shot for each of them. However, make sure you submit the first photo of the other Heracross on the ground if you want to complete Where It Snacks And Snoozes. You can just repeat the level after completing the request and repeat all of the same steps to set up the four-star shot again.

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