New York Drivers Ed

What is this course?

This course is a practice course for anyone 18 years or older looking to learn student material before taking the written test to obtain a permit.

Do I get a certificate for completing this course/is this a state certified course?

No you will not get any certification for taking and completing this course, as it is NOT state certified.

However if you would like we can provide a letter stating you have completed the course.

What is the benefit of taking this course?

This course provides you with 24 hours of curriculum, similar to what a teen would learn in their driver education course. You will have 9 modules and a practice exam provided with this course.

This course is great for someone who may be unsure of if they are able to pass their written test, in order to obtain a permit to get their license.

Is there a time limit?

There are no time limits on how long you can work on the course per day, and no set time you have to complete it by. You can work at your own pace, any time you log out your progress will be saved. You will also have unlimited attempts at the practice test at the end.

What if I would like a refund?

As long as you have not begun the course we can always refund you. Refunds are processed back to the card used to make the payment – there is a $5.00 processing fee.

This process takes about 7-10 business days to be fully processed back to your card. To request a refund please email us.

If the card used to make the original payment has been lost, stolen, or has expired please let us know at the time of requesting a refund. From there we will mail you a check instead. We CANNOT make refunds out to anyone other than the person who made the original payment, no exceptions.

What if I did not mean to sign up for this course, but needed another online course instead?

If you have registered for this course but realize you need to take another, we can assist you with your registration to the correct course. To do this please call our corporate office.

NOTE: If you have begun this course we cannot refund or transfer your money to the correct account. When registering please make sure you are registering for the proper course you need.

I can’t remember my password, how do I reset it?

You can request a password reset by calling our office, or emailing the following information to  Here

  • First and last name
  • DOB
  • Course you signed up for (All States)
  • Password you would like, if you don’t have one please let us know you would just like a reset and we can send you the new one.
  • Best email to send new login to information to

Our system is case sensitive so make sure the password is being entered with the proper upper and lowercase letters.

NOTE: It can take 24 hours for this to be reset, also if submitted on a Saturday, Sunday or after hours we will not receive this until our office is open again.

How do I pay?

You will be directed to a pay screen once you create your account online. From there you can enter a Visa, Discover, or MasterCard (we do accept pre-paid versions of these cards). If you wish to pay with cash, check, or money order please contact our corporate office.


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