Nicola's Ristorante

The Northern Italian food here is fresh and well-prepared. We recommend starting with the gnocchi. It's the lightest, tastiest little potato and flour dumpling-like creations you'll find anywhere in Texas. The minestrone soup is also up to snuff. It's thick with a good sharp flavor, and the cook breaks crumbs in the soup just like real Italians do. The veal cutlet Parmesan–that's costolette al Parmigiana for the enunciating crowd–is a big enough meal for two, served with a side of pasta. But save room for dessert. The tiramisu, the traditional lady finger cookies in espresso layered with marscarpone, coffee liqueur and cocoa, is closer to the real thing than we've ever found this far from Florence. For those who can't handle something quite that heavy, this restaurant has a gelato stand tacked onto its side, and you can order an assortment of the Italian ice creams with dipping sauces and whipped cream.