Nicoletto’s Pasta Co. and Nicoletto’s Italian Kitchen

We are excited to announce that Nicoletto’s Italian Kitchen will be opening a new store in Hillsb…

Hi all! We miss you at the Italian Kitchens. We’re making plans to reopen soon, but in the mean…

We’re pleased as punch to announce that we’ve reopened the East Nashville Italian Kitchen this we…

Build your own fresh pasta bowl at one of our Italian Kitchen Locations

Nicolettos partners with restaurants and grocers to serve and sell our dried pasta and marinara.

We’ve worked relentlessly to perfect the very same sauce we serve in our Italian Kitchen locations, from the tomatoes to the real, fresh ingredients. Our traditional marinara has no added sugars and derives its sweetness from fresh vegetables. Pair it with your favorite dried pasta cut.

We’ve spent years perfecting our craft of making traditional dried pasta in small batches here in Nashville, TN. Pair them with our traditional marinara or stop by one of the Italian Kitchen locations for a sauce to-go.

Our brand new dried pasta is now available! Shipping nationwide and at your favorite local stores.

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