Niecie's Restaurant menu in Kansas City, Missouri, USA

I really wanted to enjoy this place because they're black-owned, but they really have to work on their customer service and make some small tweaks in the kitchen. The "host" barely said a word to us when we came into the restaurant. We were a party of 4. The restaurant was at like 10% capacity and he just points in the direction of several open tables. He didn't walk us to the table, so we just picked one and sat down. It was definitely a "Okay, that's weird" moment. Our waitress was very nice, polite, and somewhat patient with us as this was our first time. We ordered the fried fish, chicken & waffles, and smothered steak. The fish and chicken were fried very crispy which was good but they were VERY light on the seasoning! The waffle was okay, and the smothered steak was far from what I would call a "steak". Overall, the food was just okay. We probably won't go back again. I'm sure this place is great for some, but it was a significant let-down for me.