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We as parents have a finite amount of time to enrich our littles’ lives with the experiences, skills, and tools to give them the best chance to thrive as they leave our nest. We can’t take that lightly. We only get so many birthday parties, vacations, sport seasons, and game nights.

Whether this is your first experience with kids’ sports, or your 10th, I encourage to take a pause and think about what sports are for. In my decades of experience has an elite level coach, if there is one thing that I could change, it’s that parents and coaches alike, forget too quickly why they signed up in the first place.


This is why we are here. To give our littles the best foundation for their future.

Every aspect of the NinjaZone program is intentional. From each class, to the move up mission, the mantra, to the Ninja Games… Every step of the way, we want this childhood experience to be remembered as an integral part of them as they grow.

In NinjaZone, their confidence is #1. We understand better than most, that an early positive experience is crucial. The strength, agility, skills, and coordination are just icing on the cake. Confidence is the pebble in the pond that gives them the belief that they’re good at hard stuff. They’ll learn to understand how their bodies move, and how to keep themself safe. They’ll learn that it’s okay to be afraid, and that mistakes are a part of learning. They’ll learn when it’s time to be “on stage” and when it’s time to be a good teammate. They’ll learn that challenges are celebrated and perfection is not. They’ll learn to think bigger.


Here’s to raising the next generation happy, athletic, fun, & kind kids! Enjoy it!