Noma, Christianshavn, Copenhagen, Denmark – Restaurant Review | Condé Nast Traveler



Start us off with an overview.
What is there to say about Noma that hasn’t already been said? We’ll just say this: If you’re lucky enough to have gotten a reservation, be sure to arrive at the restaurant (Christianshavn) on time, because you won’t want to miss one second of the experience. Because that’s what Noma is: an experience. From the moment you arrive at the new location of the restaurant, a waterside space designed by Bjarke Ingels, you’ll want to take in every tiny moment.
So it’s a special kind of place. Who else is eating here?
Whoever has managed to wrangle a reservation. Even though it’s extremely pricey, Noma attracts all kinds of diners: local couples on a night out and folks who snagged a table months ago and flew all the way from—well, anywhere.
What should we be drinking?
You can get a bottle, but to enhance the meal, go for the wine or juice pairing.
Walk us through the menu. What are the specialties?
Noma has cultivated its international reputation by continually doing new things, so a tasting menu here features creative dish after creative dish, all presented on bespoke ceramics that seem to complement whatever’s on them. There’s also an entire team dedicated to the test kitchen; this is where skilled chefs spend months conceptualizing and crafting a new dish before it debuts to the public. There is only one menu, which changes seasonally, but the cooks will cater to dietary restrictions.
What’s the service like?
Happy, loving, friendly, and bordering on cult-y. Really, everyone who works there appears to be extremely into it. And why wouldn’t they be? It’s Noma.
Anything else we should know before planning a night out?
Make your reservation at Noma even before you book your ticket to Copenhagen. If you manage to get a table, plan your trip from there.