Noma Is One of the World’s Greatest Places 2018 |

After his restaurant Noma received two Michelin stars and was named Best Restaurant in the World four times, chef René Redzepi did something extraordinary: he closed it and set out to build a new one. The Noma that reopened in February, about a mile down the road from the original, is Redzepi’s version of “utopia for a restaurant”; its on-site, 65,000-sq.-ft. farm and three greenhouses enable chefs to harvest ingredients from their own backyard. As a result, tasting menus (which start at $350) feature only seasonal, local food—it’s either “seafood season,” “vegetable season” or “game and forest season.” The dining area, a series of exquisite, light-filled rooms designed by architect Bjarke Ingels, is an added bonus. “Honestly, I think our food tastes 10% better because people love our space,” Redzepi says. — Julia Zorthian