Nosh on These 42 High-Protein Vegan Snacks, Stay Full, and Lose Weight!

This is the best weight-loss advice ever — eat snacks! It can keep hunger at bay between meals so you consume fewer daily calories, and feeling satisfied will also prevent overeating at meal time, all of which can help you lose weight.

Snacks can also be a way to get valuable nutrients you’re missing from meals alone. But not all snacks will help you lose weight. Registered dietitians Stephanie Clarke, RD, and Willow Jarosh, RD, of C&J Nutrition encourage your snacks to be high in protein to satiate hunger longer. Protein also helps to even out the rate that carbohydrates enter your bloodstream, so if you eat a snack that’s low in protein, a spike in your blood sugar levels could result in stronger cravings and the need to munch on more.

Stephanie and Willow recommended that you choose a snack that offers six to 10 grams of protein. Here are some delicious, high-protein vegan snack recipes to try.