Nove Italian Bistro-CLOSED Restaurant in Staten Island / Official Menus & Photos

“We’ve gone by this place and was anxious to try it. HUGE disappointment!!! Once the waiter heard we ‘d like to see the “prix fixe” menu, the service went downhill. The dinners we chose were $28 each. We ordered the portobello mushroom salad and fried calamari for appetizers. The mushroom salad was warm and limp, and had 5-6 tiny cubes of mozzarella. It wasn’t a whole mushroom, just 4 slim slices. The calamari, was barely warm, the marinara with it, flavorless and room temperature. We had finished with our cocktails, and would have ordered a second round if the waiter had bothered to come to the table.
For dinner we ordered veal piccata and veal marsala. The piccata was delicious but only came with 2 very thin small cutlets. The marsala portions were the same, the sauce a little bland. Both dishes came with potatoes, which we each got 3 pieces/bites of. I had two little pieces of broccoli then the rest was peppers.
After dinner, we sat there with the table clean and the waiter walking right by ignoring us. The only dessert options were ice cream, sorbet, or mini cannolis. We didn’t wanted to get out of there and told waiter we’d like to take the cannolis to go. When we ate the at home, only the ends had cannoli cream, the center was hollow! Cheapskates!
Although the ambiance was was warm and relaxing, the food and service definitely lacked. Our bill was $103 + tip for 2 prix fixe dinners, 2 cocktails, 2 glasses of wine. Usually when we go out to dinner we always have food wrapped to take home. This wasn’t the case here as the portions were sized for a child.
On the other hand, we went to Coles last week, you pay $22 per person…$6 LESS per plate than Nove and get an overabundance of food!”

“January 16, 2020”