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No Live Ammunition is to be brought into the Range Building! When reporting for a safety class, Firearm(s) MUST remain securely cased until advised to remove by an Instructor.

The facility offers a full range of safety and training courses.  The NRA Courses are nationally recognized and taught by Certified National Rifle Association Instructors.  The First Steps Classes are combined with our Range Orientation and are required for membership at the facility. 

NRA and Specialized Training Courses

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Class Schedule

The Firearms Training Facility also offer NRA Basic Courses as well as customized courses and seminars such as an M1 Garand Seminar, an Intermediate Pistol Shooting Course, a Holstering Seminar and an AR15 Platform Seminar.

For those looking for individual instruction, our staff of certified friendly instructors are available to answer your questions and help with any shooting issues you may have. 

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First Steps Classes

First (Firearms Instruction, Responsibility, and Safety Training) Steps Classes are an introduction to Firearms handling with a strong emphasis on safety. The course covers safe handling, nomenclature, firearms cleaning as well as an overview of the shooting fundamentals. The course concludes with a live fire segment where participants demonstrate their understanding of the safety principles taught in the class. This course is combined with the range orientation which covers specific range rules and a familiarization with the range facility and the amenities. This course generally runs about 4 1/2 to 5 hours.

First Steps classes are offered in both Rifle and Handgun disciplines.

Course Fee: $40.00

Basic Classes

NRA Basic Classes are the next step. They build on the safety lessons taught in the First Steps Classes. With an emphasis on safe gun handling, these classes put more effort into teaching shooting skills and marksmanship. Basic Classes are about 12 hours in length and are run over a two day period.

Course Fee: $80.00

Intermediate Pistol

This is our newest course developed by our staff of instructors. The course is a 12 hour—two day course and is a fast paced course designed to get the shooter thinking while enhancing shooting speed and accuracy.

Course fee: $80.00