Nursing RN Program – A.A.S. Day & Night

The Nursing Program prepares students to be registered nurses who will help meet the current and emerging needs in the workplace for registered nurses. Graduates use a clinical decision making process to provide care to diverse individuals across the life-span.

Following acceptance into a nursing class, the day program includes a sequence of four clinical program courses that can be completed in two academic years. A new day class is accepted each fall. The night program includes five clinical program courses and takes two and one-half years to complete. New night classes are accepted every other year on the even-numbered years. A minimum grade of “C” must be earned in all courses included in the summary of required hours.

Graduates of the program are prepared to write the NCLEX-RN licensure examination to obtain the title of registered nurse (RN).

Information Session RSVP – Nursing

Nursing Info Sheet

Curriculum Details

ChattState has adopted the TBR Common Curriculum for students in the RN Traditional Pathway (Day and Night), LPN, and Paramedic Transition Pathway.

A summary of the changes includes:

  • Students will now be required to complete all General Education and Science Courses before beginning the RN Program. 
  • BIOL 2010, BIOL 2020, BIOL 2230, PSYC 1030, PSYC 2130, ENGL 1010, HUM Elective, and MATH 1530. 
  • The RN Program will have a change in curriculum and will go from an integrated curriculum to now offering separate courses in Women’s Health and Childbearing Family, Pediatric Nursing, and Mental Health Nursing.

Total Estimated Program Costs = $8799.00

The estimated cost list provides an overall estimate of the costs for the nursing program. The costs quoted on this list are only estimated costs and subject to change without notice. The maintenance and other related enrollment fees are based on 2021-2022 fees for enrollment in nursing courses only. The other expenses are for nursing courses and nursing related expenses only. Expenses for other campus classes must be added to the costs listed below.

Check with the bookstore each semester for the books required in each course. Note that the textbook list is very heavy in the first course as many of the books purchased in the first semester are used throughout the remainder of the nursing program. For this reason, students are encouraged not to sell their textbooks back at the end of each semester. Expenses are again high in the last semester due to graduation, state board exam testing and licensure expenses.

Pre-Admission Total = $554.00

  • TEAS Admission Test= $98.50
  • CPR Certification Course = $55.00
  • Physical examination and required immunizations and tests = $150.00
  • Hepatitis B (required) = $165.00
  • Criminal Background Check $60.00
  • N95 Fit Test = $25.00


1st Year Fall Semester Total = $2109.00

  • Maintenance Fees = $1539.00
  • Campus Access, Student Activity, & Technology Fees = $135.00
  • Nursing testing and lab fee = $155.00
  • Textbooks = $420.00
  • Lab Kit – $105.00
  • Student liability insurance – $15.00
  • Uniform:
    • Dress/pants uniform – $40.00
    • Nursing Shoes – $40.00
    • Stethoscope – $50.00
    • Bandage scissors – $10.00
    • Watch with seconds indicator – $20.00


1st Year Spring Semester Total = $2129.00

  • Maintenance Fees: $1539.00
  • Testing and Lab Fee: $130.00
  • Textbooks: $460.00


2nd Year Fall Semester Total = $1,809.00

  • Maintenance Fees: $1539.00
  • Nursing testing and lab fee: $130.00
  • Textbooks: $50.00
  • N95 Fit test, TB skin test – $50.00
  • Application for graduation – $25.00
  • Student Liability Insurance – $15.00


2nd Year Spring Semester Total = $2212.00

  • Maintenance Fees: $1539.00
  • Nursing testing and lab fee: $130.00
  • Textbooks: $135.00
  • NCLEX-RN test application fee – $200.00
  • TN Board of Nursing – licensure application fee – $100.00
  • Licensure Background check – $56.00
  • Class composite photo (incl. state board picture) – $15.00
  • School pin – $35.00
  • Pinning Ceremony fee – $2.00