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SALT Bae’s London steakhouse is known for its delicious food but also its extortionate prices.

The restauranteur and Instagram influencer, Nusret Gökçe Erzurum is in fact serving his customers, but just how much will a meal at Nusr-Et London set you back?

What is on Nusr-Et’s menu?

Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe Erzurum opened his London steakhouse on September 23, 2021, after first being announced in 2017.

Nestled in Knightsbridge, it is the UK’s only offering of the global chain, which has popular restaurants in New York, Miami and Dubai.

Nusr-Et is famed for its steaks, but it also serves a variety of other meat dishes, as well as sides and desserts.

The menu is divided up into sections, including salads, steaks, beef fillet, lamb, burgers, meatballs and sucuk – a Turkish fermented sausage.

Other unusual items on offer include onion flower, mashed croquet, a spoon salad and heart-shaped meatballs.

Restaurant goers can also choose beef carpaccio and marbled wagyu tenderloin.

Salt Bae has multiple restaurants


Salt Bae has multiple restaurants

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How much does it cost to eat at Nusr-Et?

Diners can expect to fork out a small fortune to enjoy a meal at Nusr-Et’s new London eatery.

Dishes range from £17 all the way up to an obscene £1,450.

Some of the restaurant’s specials include a Golden Burger for £100, a Golden Giant Tomahawk steak for £1,450, Golden Giant Striploin for £1,350 and Golden Kafes for £500.

And the desserts, which include a sorbet, ice cream and baklava, average £25 a pop.

Even the soft drinks are expensive, with a single Coca Cola reportedly costing £9 and a Red Bull at £11.

Restaurant booking website Square Meal suggests the average price of dining at Nusr-Et to be more than £80 – but the website’s menu doesn’t offer any prices so the exact details remain unknown.

One customer posted a photo of his receipt after spending an evening at the restaurant which came to a whopping £1,812.40.

People have taken to Twitter to share how much their bill was


People have taken to Twitter to share how much their bill was

Credit: Social Media – Refer to Source

The receipt included two nusret sushi for £46, two prawn tempura roll for £60, a buratta for £25, an onion flower for £18 and a single sweet corn for £12.

The priciest item is a £1450 ‘giant tomahawk’ steak, which is covered with gold leaf.

Alcoholic beverages are expectedly more expensive, with four Patron Coffees for £80, and four Grey Goose drinks for £72.

The only item on the menu without cost is Turkish tea, which is apparently served for free.

The whopping bill included a 15% service charge of £236.40.

More Bills have surfaced from the restaurant, which reveals more prices.

The latest Tweet of the bill was from soneone who spent £37,000 at the restursant.

The most expensive thing on their bill was the two bottles of Petrus 2003 which came to a total of £19,900.

following closely behind was another two bottle of wine, Dom Périgon Rosé 2006 came in at £1,620 together.

Their service change of 15% came to a total of £4,829.10.

One Twitter user said: “It’s cheaper to fly and have food at Salt Bae’s Turkish restaurant than to go to the London one.

“£9 for coke. £630 for tomahawk steak. No thank you.”

Another added: “There’s a line where high restaurant prices stop being rip-offs and become a kind of performance art.

“I think Salt Bae’s new London restaurant has soared past it.”

And a third said the chef must be “having a laugh”.

How much is a giant tomahawk at Salt Bae’s restaurant?

The restaurant’s signature dish – a giant tomahawk steak covered in edible gold leaf – will set you back an eye-watering £1,450.

It is understood to be the most expensive item on the menu.

Gemma Collins tucked into the golden slab of meat while on a date with boyfriend Rami Hawash on September 24, 2021.