Nutifood Nutrition Food JSC | APEA – Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards

Company Introduction
In 2000, NutiFood was established by a team of doctors and nutritionists whose business philosophy is “Every product was born not to profit, but to solve specific urgent demand for the community’s nutrition, for a full potential in stature and intelligence of the young generation of Vietnam.”

For nearly 20 years, NutiFood has been the pioneer Vietnamese enterprise in developing special nutritional products to replace imported products, with the culmination of GrowPlus +. Having 5,300 employees, NutiFood was honoured as the National Brand in 2018 and is currently among the top 3 largest dairy companies in Vietnam with 6 factories and a joint venture named NutiFood Sweden AB Dairy factory. All of them operated with a strict international quality management system and modern technology. NutiFood has a complete portfolio of powdered milk products for children of all ages and has invested in raw materials for milk and coffee production in the Central Highlands, including a 1000 ha dairy and grass farm in Gia Lai and a 1000 ha coffee farm in Daklak.

Corporate Culture

NutiFood was honoured as “Best Workplaces in Asia 2020” (HR Asia). Doctor, CEO Trần Thị Lệ said “I want all NutiFood’s employees to be happy when coming to work every day so that they can work hard and efficiently and go home with happiness.”

In order to achieve this, the Company sets out a clear vision, value and culture, along with a reward system based on ability, equality and non-discrimination. To build a team of successors with a high rate of internal promotion, achieving almost 80%. The Company sponsored the “Project of developing physical strength and stature of Vietnamese people in the period 2011 – 2030” while organizing the “Journey for Vietnam without stunting & malnutrition” program in May 2019. The Company seeks to organize charitable programs to support people in epidemics and natural disasters and lastly, the Company carried out the “Vietnamese strength in the joint effort to repel COVID-19” campaign, providing 3.5 million nutritional products worth 40 billion VND.

Company’s Brand Story

The symbol of NutiFood business philosophy is a blender.

In the ’80s and ’90s, 3 out of 10 children at Children’s Hospital, 1 couldn’t survive after undergoing surgery due to the lack of nutrition. At that time, a doctor searched for ways to prepare a meal for tube feeding from raw materials. The doctor back then became one of the founders of NutiFood. The old blender becomes the business philosophy: That each of the products, first of all, is not to seek profit but to solve specific urgent demand for the community’s nutrition. This philosophy once again expressed through the story of NutiFood GrowPlus+.

In the rural areas of Vietnam, in 2010, there were 3 children suffering from malnutrition and stunting for every 10 children. This not only affects the physical and intellectual development of children but also affects the quality of the Vietnamese workforce in the future. NutiFood was determined to find solutions and as a result, in 2012, GrowPlus + was launched, the first specialised product for malnourished and stunted children in Vietnam. Nutifood GrowPlus+ product has contributed to communication to mothers about the impact of malnutrition on malnourished children, delaying their growth in height, intelligence, physical strength, and adversity.