NYC’s Rao’s is opening in Miami—good luck getting in!

We love to throw around the phrase “tough reservation” around here, partly because it’s true of many Miami restaurants these days. Carbone? Good luck. Mandolin? Prepare to wait in line. Boia De? You might strike gold if you book a month out. Though it seems that booking these places was mere training for the obstacles you’ll face when the truly impossible reservation arrives in Miami.

New York City’s famous Italian restaurant Rao’s is coming to town! The 126-year-old, family-owned establishment from Harlem will open at the Loews Miami Beach in early 2023, reports the Miami New Times. No additional information has been shared but we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any new developments.

The original location has only 10 tables and ensuring a seat at one required befriending the late, legendary owner Frankie “No” Pellegrino. The clientele was and is exclusively CEOs, actors, politicians and VIPs who know someone and/or have been invited by one of the heavy hitters who “owns” a table. (Rao’s is so exclusive it sort of operates as a private club.)

Now, we don’t mean to scare you off. Rao’s NYC is on a different playing field than its secondary outposts in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, where the Pellegrinos’ family recipes can be enjoyed without having to pay someone off to get sat. We’re hoping Miami’s location follows suit, though judging by the current state of affairs, it’s probably a good idea to start lining up at the Loews right now.