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Taking Courses across NYU

Based on their individual needs and interests, Gallatin students take courses in graduate programs throughout the University. As long as they have met the prerequisites and the program does not limit enrollment to its own students, Gallatin students are eligible to enroll in courses in all the other graduate schools of NYU (except the School of Medicine and the College of Dentistry). Many Gallatin students take courses in several different NYU graduate schools.

As part of their program planning, students should refer to the bulletins and websites of all the schools in which they might study. The directory of NYU schools below is designed to help graduate students identify programs and departments where they may take courses. Please note that some of the courses in the schools and departments listed here have prerequisites, and others may be limited to students in their respective departments.

Please be sure to consult the course listings on Albert for the most comprehensive information about available courses.  When viewing courses on Albert, it is important to review the information in the notes section in order to learn about any registration restrictions.  If you encounter a course that requires special permission to enroll, you should contact the program or department to ask about the process for requesting permission.

Graduate students will not receive credit for undergraduate course work. Courses that contain -G* in the subject area (e.g. CORE-GG, COLIT-GA, MCC-GE, etc.) are graduate-level courses. Courses with a -U* in the subject code are undergraduate courses (e.g., JOUR-UA, IDSEM-UG, MCC-UG, etc.).