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Ocean & Waterfront Laguna Beach Restaurants


What’s the best part about going to a beach city? Enjoying the actual beach and beach views, right? Imagine sipping on a hand-crafted cocktail or mocktail while looking out onto the spectacular ocean.

Often times spotting a pod of dolphins, but more realistically a group of surfers riding an epic wave into the shoreline, or paddleboarders in the distance, casually drifting across your line of sight. And what about those sunsets? Laguna Beach has no shortage of magical sunsets and thankfully an abundance of dining spots along the Southern California coast that provide a front-row seat in addition to a delicious meal and refreshing beverage.

Plan a romantic dinner date, casual work meeting or happy hour at one of our many beachfront restaurants, all which have incredible views. The good news is, the views and atmosphere are included free of charge and can truly elevate any dinner or cocktail hour to that next level, creating momentous memories for anyone taking advantage of the stunning vistas Laguna Beach always delivers.