Offshore Company: Formation, Registration & Setup in 2 days* | BSW

This is the first question which comes to mind while looking at the numerous options available at your disposal. There is no straightforward answer to it. The best place to incorporate your offshore company actually depends upon a number of factors which vary from case to case for different customers. These factors could be taken into consideration while selecting the ideal offshore location:

  • Nationality of the applicant
  • Place of residence of the applicant
  • Company activity
  • Location of company’s client or suppliers
  • Place of bank tài khoản
  • Ease of company incorporation
  • Types of documents required
  • Banking facilities required by the applicant

For example, certain offshore jurisdictions readily accept Apostille of original documents whereas other jurisdiction require other type of document attestations. Certain jurisdictions such as Belize and Seychelles require only passport and domicile proof for company incorporation whereas Mauritius and Singapore require additional documents. The silver lining is, every jurisdiction has different rules and regulations which are suitable for different clients.

Our experts at Business Setup Worldwide provide clients with the best suitable options based on their requirement, along with all the information on the jurisdiction. They work with you closely to successfully incorporate your company.