Offshore Company Formation with a Bank Account Included

Businessmen/ Digital entrepreneurs:
With an offshore company, you can begin an activity without the need to deal with the setup of complicated infrastructure and reap tons of benefits from offshore jurisdictions.
Digital entrepreneurs are one of the main groups to fit in an offshore company. This group don't have a fixed addresses or business offices. They facilitate the digital platforms to start and grow their businesses. They prefer the simple online incorporation, minimal tax reporting requirements that can save their budget. And offshore companies meet their criteria.

Ecommerce business:
One of offshore company's key features is flexibility and simple setup, which is a good facilitator of those whose business is on the Internet, maintain domain and manage sites. Another advantage is tax optimization for online businesses. Sales tax is the top concerning issue when operating an online business. Typically, some offshore jurisdictions don't collect sales tax for the purchasing whithin the borders.

Consultants / Counsellors:
Simple administration and high level of privacy make offshore company incorporation a great choice for consulting businesses.

Trading business:
International trading companies are often connected with offshore company structure thanks to its versatile nature.

Holding business:
Holding company does not engage in any trading activities but is established to hold shares or assets of other companies. An offshore company has various uses, for example reducing withholding tax, increasing asset protection, and enhancing privacy, so it is considered preferred choice for holding or IP holding company.

Forex/crypto based business:
Another group that suits to start a company offshore is stockbroker or forex service provider. Most offshore jurisdictions have great asset protection laws and corporate anonymity. Besides, some offshore jurisdictions have friendly environment and strong financial services that are ideal starting the related businesses.