Oklahoma – Explore The Amazing Pioneer Woman Mercantile – Planning Away

After you have explored Pawhuska, Oklahoma you can head to The Lodge.  The Lodge is not open to visitors all the time.  We were lucky enough to come when it was! 

The Lodge is located 18 miles out of town, down an unpaved road.  You truly get the Pioneer Woman experience when you visit The Lodge. 

Tour Day Hours

When The Lodge is available for tours the hours are:

9:00 am – 5:00 pm


You will pick up a ticket at the Pioneer Woman Mercantile Store.  Tickets are free. The employees will give you directions.  

We got lost!  Just so you know you do not go back through the town to the main hwy!  We had to backtrack.  

Filming of the Food Network Pioneer Woman Cooking Show

Pioneer Women Filming Kitchen

One of the cool things about visiting The Lodge is that you get to tour the actual set of the Pioneer Woman Cooking Show.  

Pioneer Women Kitchen

We liked looking around and pretending to be on TV. The set kitchen was so nice.  We loved looking at the pantry off to the side.  It was huge! 

The Lodge Guest Quarters

The Lodge Pioneer Woman

Within The Lodge are beautiful hotel-style rooms.  These are primarily for the filming crew or guests of the Drummonds. 

You can take a tour of each room, as you do, be sure to check out the view. It is a beautiful lookout to the ranch. 

Test Kitchen

Preparatory Kitchen at the Pioneer Women Lodge

Located at the rear of The Lodge is an industrial test kitchen.  I thought this area would be a great prepping station if you wanted to have a big party at The Lodge.  

Extra Pantry 

Pantry at the Pioneer Woman Lodge

The pantries are really cool to check out.  This one just off the test kitchen is huge!  There are more kitchen Aides than you can count and tons of seasonings and sauces!   

The View of the Pioneer Womans Ranch

Pioneer Women Ranch

After you tour The Lodge you can step out on the deck and take in the beautiful Oklahoma landscape.  Ree’s ranch house is within view.  One thing I love about Oklahoma is that the land seems to go on forever!