Oklahoma Insurance Continuing Education Courses | BetterCE

All of our courses are delivered in electronic format and can be viewed and completed on any mobile device. This includes chapter quizzes and final exams which are scored immediately upon completion. Each chapter is followed by a short chapter quiz which must be passed with a score of 70% or better in order to proceed to the next chapter. Upon completion of all chapter quizzes, you will be presented with the Final Exam which requires a passing grade of 70%. All quizzes and the Final Exam can be taken as many times as necessary until you pass. You have up to one year from the course purchase date to complete your courses.

Minimum System Requirements: Internet Explorer 10 and later, Google Chrome 40 and later, Firefox 30 and later, Safari 8 and later.


Upon successful passage of each Final Exam your credit hours earned will be reported directly to your State regulator. The date and time of completion of your course is based on the specific time zone in which you completed the course.

Successfully completing a course will earn you a Certificate of Completion. Certificates of completion are immediately available on the My Courses page. Simply locate the completed final exam and click on the certificate icon found near the right side of the page. Please check all the information displayed on your certificate for accuracy. Inaccuracies on your certificate could represent inaccuracies in your BetterCE profile which could lead to reporting delays. If you feel your certificate is inaccurate in any way, please contact the BetterCE support team at support@betterce.info or call us at 1-888-501-7330.

BetterCE will not sell, share or rent a student’s personal identifiable information to others at any time.