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O-Ku, Charleston, SC

O-Ku Restaurant Review:

Far from your typical Charleston shrimp and grits establishment, O-Ku (which means “oak” in Japanese) features low lighting and intimate surroundings. Female servers are clad in off-the-shoulder cinched black sheaths, and the way-hip dining crowd manages to remain both aloof and aware. The vibe suggests James Bond may enter through the glass doors at any minute. We suggest the miso-marinated sea bass from the mains list, but you’ll do just as well sticking to the rolls—fresh ginger and hand-ground wasabi (grown in-house) accompany each round of attractively presented rolls. And don’t miss the robata-grilled baby octopus-and-duck skewers. Saké lovers will rejoice in the long list of rice wines, and the bar is gifted at producing a nightly line-up of cocktail specials. The green tea gelato had a bitter kick where sweet was expected, but pineapple crème brûlée is also available. Check on half-price sushi happy hours.