Old Glory menu in Gallatin, Tennessee, USA

Small country diner with great atmosphere. Always looking for a good country breakfast. Was almost 11am on Sunday morning when we arrived. Only one table available. After looking at a hugh variety of choices, we choose the two eggs any style. I ordered sunnyside up eggs with sausage and biscuit and gravy. My wife ordered over medium with bacon and biscuit and gravy. The eggs were cooked perfectly. Sunnyside up had the white solid and not scorched on the bottom to get them done. Over medium were just as well cooked. The bacon was a little under cooked for my wife. She likes her bacon crispy. My sausage was well cooked and had a good flavor. The biscuits were good. The gravy was a little thick, which was ok with me, but my wife likes hers a little thinner, but it had a good flavor. The home fries were the only disappointment. We like our potatoes crispy. These were a little under cooked with a little crunch in the center were they were not cooked all the way. The prices were a good surprise. We both ate breakfast and had a beverage for $15.50, tax included. All in all, it was a very enjoyable breakfast.