One Family Korean Restaurant and Karaoke

One Family Korean Restaurant is one of the best Korean restaurants in Tampa Bay. Attention is paid to the ingredients used and they are located right next door to a Korean oriental market – so I’m sure that helps ensure freshness. The Bulgogi beef is fantastic here, so is the Galbi short ribs. Lunch prices are very affordable and dinner is still a pretty good deal when you compare to other places, such as Sa Ri One and Matoi Sushi. The waitresses are usually young Korean girls, probably friends of the owner and they are pretty attentive and close by if you need anything. I would say the dishes at One Family are certainly sweeter to cater to American taste buds, while Soul of Korea on 56th is more of your authentic Korean experience, but I’m sure One Family can also make things Korean-style if you ask. Their ban-chan side dishes is always fresh – which is nice and their kimchi is very good. Upstairs they have Korean karaoke – another thing I love about Korea for a rental per hour fee. Do it at least once with a group (with some drinks) – you won’t regret it.

Pros: Great Korean food, affordable lunch prices and fair dinner prices. Karaoke upstairs.

Cons: I wish it was open late.