Online Beginner’s Classic Lash Training Certification – HIGHCLASS LASHES

It is recommended to have a license before joining one of our trainings, although one is not required.

Should you not have a license, you must acknowledge to obtain a license before working professionally.*

*Additional licenses (such as dental, medical, etc) may be permitted — please check with your state laws & regulations if a license is required in your state.


Some students take the training and get certified to learn proper techniques, start practicing on models and build their portfolio while obtaining a license afterwards VS waiting until obtaining a license — if it is required in your state.

Licensing Options

If a license is required in your state, then obtaining an Esthetician license is a much faster and affordable avenue — part time, 3-5 months.

Average tuition depends on if you attend a private school ($9,000+) or a community college ($2,500+). Additionally, ask for student financial aid, grants and monthly payment plans.

Since different states have different schools and programs, we would not be able to offer specific recommendations.

We suggest Googling: “Community College Aesthetician Program near me” and call to ask about pricing, payment plans, financial aid, length of program, part-time options, etc. After calling 2-3 schools, you should have a great idea of which school would be best for you.

If this is something you really want to make a career out of, then it’s totally okay to get trained and certified. You could set up an at-home studio to start practicing on models and work on obtaining a license. You could start lashing from home and work your way up to starting your own business, etc.

Everyone’s lash journey is different and everyone starts somewhere.