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Learn Anywhere, Anytime with PC Online

Are you looking for learning that is flexible and fits your active lifestyle? Then online learning may be the right choice for you.  As an online student, you have the convenience of being able to study anytime and anywhere you can find a connection.

Phoenix College offers a variety of credit and non-credit courses completely online as well as hybrid courses that are a blend of online and traditional classroom, offering students the opportunity to learn in an environment that suits them best. As on online student you will find all the support that you need to be successful, including online advisement, tutoring and library services.



Online/Canvas (Online CANVAS)

Class content is delivered entirely online (with the possible exception of an orientation or proctored exams on campus) and is accessed through Canvas — our e-learning platform. Students should have independent access to the Internet.

Online courses are ideal for working or busy students who have knowledge of the internet and can work independently without face-to-face interactions with the instructor or other students.

Hybrid (Hybrid) 

Classes offered in a Hybrid format have a portion of the class taught face-to-face in a traditional classroom setting, while the rest of the class takes place online. The mixed format offers the best of both worlds: an effective combination of face-to-face classroom meetings and the opportunity to work independently.


Classes where the instructor puts course documents online for students to reference are called Resource courses. Documents such as the course syllabus, schedule, handouts, outlines, current grades, etc. are included in this type of course.