Online courses: Learn from home

Advance your career while you stay at home during COVID-19

You are needed now, more than ever!

We offer a range of courses you can take from home right now, while maintaining safe social distance. We are adapting most of our first-responder programs to provide live, online instruction with our faculty from your home. We are incorporating remote learning and assessment of hands-on skills.

Explore our range of online course offerings:

In all our online/hybrid courses, you will complete didactic instruction online. These classes typically have online sessions live with the same faculty that teach our in-person courses.

While we are maintaining social distance, we are offering some skills instruction remotely, where that is possible. You will come to our facilities for skills instruction when public health guidelines permit.

Our online/hybrid EMT and Paramedic courses include both live online sessions with our instructors, and modules you can complete at any time.

Please visit the course pages linked above for scheduling details or to enroll.