Online Data Entry Courses and Schools

Numerous colleges offer data entry courses either fully or partially online, which can allow you to earn a data entry certificate. Get the details about what you’ll learn, how to pick a school, and about the certifications you can earn.

What You Need to Know

Key entry and data entry operators are typical occupations found within the online data entry field. The most common online data entry program offered is a certificate of completion which is offered at many community colleges.

Courses Keyboarding and basic computer applications such as word processing and electronic spreadsheets
Schools Community colleges or other 2-year schools
Certifications Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) & Master MOS

What Topics Will I Study Related to Data Entry?

Typical certificate programs consist of about 5-7 courses, which may account for 30-45 credit hours. You can expect to take courses in keyboarding and basic computer applications. Other courses may cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to computers
  • Records management
  • Word processing
  • Electronic spreadsheets
  • Databases
  • Clerical organization

What Should I Look for in a School?

Because most data entry courses are offered at the certificate level, you should seek out programs at community colleges or other 2-year schools. Some courses may be fully online while others may require you to complete computer lab work on campus.

Additionally, some schools may offer data entry courses as part of an office management curriculum. These programs often include courses related to other office computer programs and general professional development.

For example, the following schools offer an array of online courses relating to data entry:

  • Washtenaw Community College
  • Southeastern Technical College
  • Colorado State University Global
  • Shoreline Community College
  • Coastal Pines Technical College

What certificates or certifications can I earn?

Once you’ve taken all the required courses in your chosen program, you may have to take a test to earn your certificate. There are certifications available specific to certain word processing programs, such as the Microsoft Office Specialist or the Microsoft Office Specialist Master.