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The Shortest Distance Between You and Your College

StraighterLine provides high quality, better supported, and lower cost required college courses — online, on your schedule.

You can knock out your required courses here with personal, on-demand instruction and earn real college credits that give you a head start on your degree.

At StraighterLine, we’ve completely rethought required college course work — those courses that you need in order to start your major and proceed to your degree.

Because that’s all we do, we can provide you with a better and less expensive experience than a traditional college or online education program.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Real, Accredited College Credit:
    It’s your choice—if you choose to, our regionally accredited Partner Colleges award college credit upon successful completion of StraighterLine courses — credits that may be able to be transferred to the college where you will complete your degree. Or select a no-credit option and use StraighterLine as a highly supported preparation course for the CLEP test.
  • High Quality Courses:
    Required college courses are our only focus. StraighterLine’s Course Design Team produces top-notch curriculum that gives you the foundation you need to succeed in future courses.
  • Total Flexibility:
    Our fully online courses have no fixed start or due dates, no required meeting times, no on-campus requirements or team projects. You work when you want to and at your own pace.
  • Individualized Support:
    You won’t get lost in a giant lecture hall here. Whether you need personal, on-demand instruction from one of our Online Educators or guidance on the credit transfer process from one of our Course Advisors, we’re always right there with help when you need it.
  • Affordability:
    With no unnecessary or hidden fees, our courses cost less than a comparable course at a traditional college or university.
  • Challenging Curricula:
    Make no mistake; the course(s) you take through StraighterLine represent a rigorous, but exciting, learning experience. You will be challenged to perform to the best of your ability, but you will move on to your degree program with the skills and abilities needed to perform at advanced levels.

It’s simple to create a StraighterLine between you and your degree.

About StraighterLine

StraighterLine provides students with a new option for required college courses built on the expertise of seasoned, respected and proven educators and partners. StraighterLine is a division of SMARTHINKING, the leading provider of online tutoring and academic support.

StraighterLine’s Course Design Team works with respected education publisher McGraw-Hill to produce our online required college courses. StraighterLine’s courses undergo rigorous scrutiny by respected academics and administrators at our partner colleges.

StraighterLine Partner Colleges

The following colleges and universities honor or award credit for StraighterLine courses: