Online Dog Training Course Program Overview | Penn Foster

Can I make a career out of dog training?

It’s entirely possible to make a career out of dog training, whether you start your own training business or work for a pet store or dog training facility. With more and more people considering their furry friends to be close members of the family, their pet’s health and wellness is a priority. For dog owners, ensuring that their dog is trained and doesn’t show bad behavior is a vital part of raising a happy animal.

Are dog trainers in demand?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 22% increase in available jobs in dog training by 2028.* That means there’s no better time than now to start preparing for a career as a dog trainer.

What does being dog trainer involve?

Dog training courses cover essential topics such as how dogs learn, conditioning, housetraining, and more. Through understanding the personality and social behavior of these animals, trainers are able to effectively plan out progressive training programs for clients.

Will taking this course help me train my dog?

The course is designed to prepare students to train all manners of dogs, as well as to understand the different veterinary issues, behavioral problems, or training methods that work best with specific breeds. Penn Foster’s Online Dog Training Program can prepare you to train your own dog, though skills learned in the program may not be applicable to training other household pets.