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IPHM Accredited Course. Recognised & Insurable through:

Q Who accredits the Online Courses?

The majority of our online courses are accredited by IPHM (International Practioners of Holistic Medicine) which carries international accreditation. All are accepted by leading insurer’s including Insync, Radius and many others. Accreditation means the certificate you receive is well recognised within the beauty industry and will allow you to gain insurance to work from home or mobile.

Q Who are Online courses best suited to?

Online courses are ideal for anyone, of any age, gender or background who wishes to learn a new skill from the comfort and convenience of home. Our Online courses are suitable for complete beginners and no previous knowledge of beauty is required for the vast majority of courses as the courses cover all aspects of the treatment process including health & safety, consultation and client care to enable you to perform treatments to industry standard.

The Online courses are designed to work seamlessly with PCs, laptops and most mobile devices including tablets and smart phones so you can study at your own pace, wherever you may be. Easy to follow online study materials are provided along with video tutorials filmed with professional therapists making learning engaging and straightforward. Following completion of the quick, multiple choice tests to check your understanding and a small number of case studies provided to friends or family at home, you will achieve your certificate accredited by IPHM, recognising your learning and achievement. The quick knowledge tests can be retaken as often as you require to reach the pass mark of 70% or above on each test, so no exam panic!

On completion of your course, you can gain insurance to work freelance from home or mobile delivering your treatments.

Free access is available by email to our in-house expert Support team, throughout your studies and beyond.

Q How long will I have to complete an Online Course & access the Student Portal?

You will have 12 weeks access from date of enrolment, to your online course through our online student portal, to study the online learning resources at your own pace, complete the quick knowledge tests and download your practical assignment (case studies pack). You then have up to 12 months from date of enrolment to practice your treatment skills and work on the case studies. Case studies can quickly and easily be submitted to our team by email once complete. Most students complete our online courses typically within 2-6 weeks so you are given ample time to study at your own pace. The portal is available 24/7 online, allowing you to study at times and from locations to suit you – whether while commuting, during work breaks or around childcare.

If you do find you require additional time to complete your online course, this can be purchased for just £25 per course, following your initial enrolment expiring. Please note: Once your certificate has been issued all work submitted will be destroyed. We do not keep students portfolios for Online courses.  

Q How can I access the Student Portal? Do I need a computer?

Our Student Portal is entirely online based and can be accessed quickly and easily from any mobile device connected to the internet including smart phones, tablets, laptops & PCs. It can be accessed at any time, anywhere in the world so you can work through the course at a pace to suit you, around any existing commitments you may have.

For those using a mobile device or tablet, you may wish to search for the free SAP Litmos app from your device app store. Once downloaded, enter domain name: thebeautyacademy and login using the login details you’ve already set up. This will give you a mobile friendly way to view the online portal and avoid any compatibility issues for all resources on mobile devices. A great way to study on the go!

Q What do I need to do to complete an Online course?

If you book your course through our website, you’ll receive details to instantly begin accessing the online portal through self-sign up. These details will be within your automatic payment confirmation email. If you have difficulties or prefer not to self-sign up, our team will process your booking within 24 working hours and send you a welcome email to set up your login details directly.

Once logged into the portal, you will find your dashboard when you can update your details and view all enrolled, active courses. You will be guided through your online course(s) so you are clear what is required at each stage. You will work through the comprehensive study materials online at your own pace; including training manuals, video tutorials and multiple choice tests to help demonstrate your understanding. You must achieve 70% on each online theory test but can retake the tests as many times as you need.

You will need to complete a small number of treatments at home on friends or family and submit evidence of these treatments to complete your course. This is approximately 3-6 treatments depending on the course, although we recommend you complete as many treatments as you need to build your confidence before submitting your practical assignment. You will need basic products and tools at home to complete these treatments so you may wish to consider our optional starter kits or you can purchase any brand from your chosen supplier to practice with.

Once all assignments are complete, submit these to [email protected] for evaluation. You will receive feedback and/or your certificate by email within 7 days. We also highly recommend the purchase of Student Insurance to cover you during your studies.

Q Do I need to purchase a starter kit to complete the course(s)?

You will need to have basic products/tools to allow you to complete a small number of treatments on friends and family, for the majority of courses. You will submit evidence of these treatments towards achieving your certificate. A selection of starter kits are available to purchase online through The Beauty Academy. Alternatively you can purchase products or kits of any brand, from your chosen supplier. Our courses are not brand specific so you are not tied to any expensive kits!

Q How can I book my online course?

It is quick, easy and secure to book onto any of our online courses through our website. You’ll receive an automatic payment confirmation email which includes a unique code for self-sign up to get instant access to your course. Alternatively if you prefer not to self-sign up or have difficulty, our team will process your booking within 24 working hours and provide a welcome email with a direct link to set up your login details and begin learning.

Q Can I attend any face to face training?

Face to face training is not required to achieve the certificate or to obtain insurance through our scheme. Our Online courses are very comprehensive and ensure you will learn best practice and acquire the skills required to deliver treatments to an industry standard so you are fully supported to achieve the certificate through distance learning only. However, if at any time during your studies or within 12 weeks following completion of your online course, you feel you would benefit from attending some face to face training*; we are happy to arrange this and we will offset the price paid for your online course against the applicable, corresponding classroom based course fee. Subject to availability, training sessions run across our training centres with attendance from 10.00am – 4.00pm and would be provided on set dates from our training schedule(s).

*This option is only available for selected courses/centres. We do not offer a face to face option for all online courses. If face to face training is an option you are considering, please contact our team to discuss this before enrolling for an Online course, to ensure you begin with the best training route for you, from the start!

Q What are the advantages of an online course?

  • You can study online anytime or anywhere using most mobile devices, laptop or pc
  • You can study at your own pace around other commitments you may have, such as childcare or long working hours
  • Ideal for those who do not live local to one of our 10 training centres or even live outside the UK
  • Ideal for those who would prefer to study over a longer duration versus classroom training, learning over 12 weeks access, with time to reflect and revisit any aspects as you prefer during your enrolment
  • Online courses can be studied either instead of attending our face to face intensive training courses or in addition to face to face training courses, as additional learning support
  • Option to arrange a face to face training session at 1 of our 10 training centres, is available when you pay the top-up to classroom fee for those who feel they would benefit from further tuition, guidance and feedback in person from a professional tutor (selected courses only, subject to availability)
  • Following completion of our Online courses, you can gain insurance to work from home or mobile with your IPHM internationally accredited certificate. Learn more here about insurance scheme for Online courses. Recommended insurers for online courses are Radius, Insync and IPHM, with policies from around £70 per year.