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Online GED®: any time, any place, no residency required 

Rio Salado College’s Online GED® test preparation classes are open to all students with a valid government-issued picture identification from any country. USA residency is not required.

The classes help you pursue your high school equivalency (HSE) diploma through the GED® test. Passing the GED® test provides an HSE to those who did not finish high school. The test measures students’ knowledge and academic skills against those of high school graduates. Completion of a GED® test preparation class does not guarantee passing the GED® test.


Online GED® test preparation classes are self-paced 14-week courses taught in English. Students complete their coursework in RioLearn and the Essential Education learning platforms. The courses are beneficial to students of any proficiency level. Students determine their own study time and contact their instructor when they have questions or need help. Instructors are available through online messaging, email, or can contact you by phone or virtually by appointment.

The curriculum for Online GED® test preparation is divided into two separate courses.

  • GED® – Language and Social Studies, which covers Civics, Reasoning through Language Arts, and Social Studies
  • GED® – Math and Science, which covers Civics, Mathematical Reasoning, and Science.

The two courses can be taken consecutively and more than once. If you cannot decide which course to take first, it is recommended to start with the GED®- Language and Social Studies. Each course requires separate registration and fees and is taught by a separate state-certified instructor.

If students do not complete classwork within the 14-week period, they may re-register and resume their learning.


  • The per-class fee is $175, which consists of $125 registration and $50 materials fee.
  • Once you register, you have access to the instructor and online materials for 14 weeks. If you do not feel ready to test within that period, you can re-enroll for $175. Your access to the course will then resume for an additional 14-week period

Registering for Online GED® classes

Continuing students who have previously taken Online GED® test preparation courses and met requirements, please skip to step 7.

Brand new students, follow these steps:

Registering Online:

  1. Start your College Admission application by following this link.
  2. Fill out the first page and click Next
  3. Write down your UserName and the password you set up. Click NEXT. 
  4. The UserName will be referred to as MEID in the future.
  5. Fill out the entire application following the prompts.
  6. You must complete your Identity Verification to be admitted. If you are disconnected at the Identity Verification, log in again here using your newly created UserName and password. Allow 3-5 days to process your admission application.
  7. Call 480-517-8000 again to register for your Online GED® class.

Registering via phone:

  1. Call 480-517-8000. A representative will start your college admission application over the phone.
  2. Write down your UserName (also referred to as MEID) and password.
  3. At this point, you must verify your identity by logging inhere using your newly created UserName and password. Allow 3-5 days to process your admission application.
  4. Call 480-517-8000 again to register for your Online GED® class.

Once you submit your completed application, you will get your official:

  • Student ID
  • MEID (your UserName)
  • Password & Security Question

Be sure to save your Student ID, MEID, and password for future use.

Don’t get Dropped from Classes!

IMPORTANT: Please pay upon registration to avoid being dropped. Tuition is due starting 35 days prior to the start of Rio Salado classes. Students without a form of payment set up for their courses within that period will be dropped for non-payment. 

Printable invoices are available through the Account Summary in your Student Center at Invoices include class information, current and future payment due dates, and other important dates. 

Payment Options

  • Online (preferred method):
    • Log into your Student Center (MEID & Password)
    • Click ‘My Payment Options/Manage my Payment Plan”
    • Select payment in full or setting up a payment plan
    • Follow the steps accordingly
  • In-Person (BE SURE TO CHECK the Special Hours schedule for availability during COVID 19): 
    • Credit card, check, cash, or money order 
    • Student Business Services Office (2nd floor of the Tower at Rio)
    • 2323 W. 14th Street
      Tempe, AZ 85281
  • Tuition Assistance (TA): 
    • Available to those who qualify within defined deadlines
    • More info found here
    • Note: Students need to be admitted to Rio Salado College prior to applying for TA. 

Need Help?

For assistance, call 480-384-9620 or email