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Gain western herbal medicine training with our online course and lessons, accessible from anywhere!

The Australian School of Herbal Medicine is a school of natural medicine whose purpose is to open your eyes to healthier options like alternative western herbal medicine via a short course online. No matter how little you know about herbs today, our online herbal medicine course will provide you with training and a catalogue of knowledge that will benefit you and your family — whether you are simply looking for that healthy edge in life, or have been searching for a solution to a debilitating health issue. Praised as one of the best online study options for western herbal medicine, our Fundamental Herbology course has been designed so that it can be enjoyed by virtually anybody, regardless of experience or academic ability.

You can set your own timetable and, depending on your work rate, you may finish all the assignments of the herbalist course in as little as three months or at any time within four years (at no additional charge). To make the assessment process as simple as possible for you, a complete set of questions with multiple-choice answers are included with every lesson in this herbal medicine course.

You will also learn what ancient cultures have known for centuries about herbology, and why science is now able to prove that many herbs really do have powerful healing and preventative properties, as claimed in traditional medicine.

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