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Flexible Learning for High School Students

High school is an exciting time for students as they get closer to graduation and explore their next steps after their high school diploma. The online high school program and courses provided by Keystone help high school students challenge themselves with advanced placement courses and fill knowledge gaps with credit recovery—all from the comfort and safety of their home, or anywhere there’s an internet connection. 

Online high school fits the needs of families looking for an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar education for their high school student. Whether your family’s lifestyle requires flexible online high school, or your student would thrive in a flexible online learning environment, Keystone can help. Whether your student enrolls in the full-time Keystone Online High School Program or takes individual courses to supplement their learning, the goal is the same: a flexible learning environment that helps students thrive. 

Learn more about the online high school curriculum at Keystone.

Is Online High School a Good Fit for my Student?

If a traditional learning environment isn’t working for your student, the Keystone Online High School Program can provide the flexible learning environment they need with the high-quality education they deserve. Your high school student can learn from the safety and convenience of home, or wherever there’s an internet connection. 

Keystone has been serving students from different backgrounds with varying goals for more than 40 years. Keystone’s programs are also designed for students who are interested in seeking new challenges, getting ahead, or catching up to stay on track. The flexible online high school environment can match any lifestyle. If your student is an athlete or performer, homeschooled, homebound, travels regularly, or is struggling academically or socially, online high school may be a great solution. 

Keystone Online High School accepts enrollments throughout the school year and courses can be completed at whatever pace is best for the student. Free transcript and homeschool portfolio evaluations are provided to students if transferring credits is necessary. Students also have the opportunity to challenge themselves or recover lost credits if needed to stay on track.

Success in High School and Beyond

With flexible online high school, students experience a tailored learning environment and self-paced study that allows them to pursue other activities, challenge themselves, or fill knowledge gaps. Students learn in the format that fits their unique needs and learning styles—through interactive, multimedia-rich Keystone online courses or through print courses.

Upon completion of a minimum of 21 credits, graduates earn a high school diploma just like those received from any public or private high school in the United States. Learn more about the Keystone Online High School Program graduation requirements.