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You may come across many types of lending websites when you search for an online loan. While they are all designed to help you find a loan, how they do so may vary. Many are different from the actual lending companies that will issue and service your loan.

Lead Generator

A lead generator is a company that gathers information from a potential customer and then sells it to other companies. Lending companies partner with lead generators to obtain customer “leads,” then advertise to those potential customers. Lead generators may be able to help customers find a lender that is right for them, but they do so by selling customer information to lenders.

Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer is a company that refers visitors to companies’ websites and gets paid a commission if the customer takes a certain action (such as provide their information or apply for a loan).

Price Comparison Website

People can use comparison websites to filter and compare products and services based on price, features, customer reviews and more. Sometimes these sites use an affiliate marketing model as their way of making money. Other times online lenders pay to be featured on the comparison sites in order to get more visibility and traffic.

Direct Lender

Direct lenders typically facilitate all aspects of a customer’s transaction. This includes collecting applications, assessing credit, issuing the loan and servicing the loan. CashNetUSA is a direct lender in each of the states we operate in, with the exception of Texas.