Online MBA Curriculum

As a general manager, it’s so important that you understand the primary tenets of information systems (IS). It’s sometimes asked why general managers need to learn about IS when organizations typically have a designated IS/IT department. It’s true that most IS/IT departments are made up of skilled individuals who, more and more, also have strong business backgrounds. However, it is still very important for you to have a strong knowledge of IS-related issues so you can make informed IS/IT decisions that lead to positive outcomes on an organizational level. Don’t expect this to be a technical course (although there will be some level of hands-on software training). Look at MIS 580 as your introduction to the dynamics of information systems and the challenges associated with integrating such systems into the modern business enterprise. Particular emphasis will be placed on the strategic importance of IT in an organization’s operations. Other topics will include the design and development of enterprise systems, as well as the challenges that come along with their implementation. The course will also cover emerging topics in the field and organizational strategy for approaching the adoption of new technology before concluding on a topic that is a key concern for virtually all organizations—security.