Online Nursing Program (RN) | Online Nursing Bachelor’s Degree | WGU

Enrollment into the First Term is competitive. Students must first be accepted and enrolled into the First Term before they have the opportunity to progress into Term 2.  You must be at least 18 years of age before beginning the application process or participating in clinical experiences. 

Applicants must have a combined minimum of a 2.5 GPA in the required nursing sciences (Anatomy/Physiology I w/lab, Anatomy/Physiology II w/lab, Microbiology w/lab) to be considered for enrollment into the First Term . Enrollment in the university and in the First Term does not guarantee acceptance into the clinical nursing program. Applicants are required to submit and/or complete the following items:

  • Take and pass the

    the ATI TEAS Exam with a minimum total score of 60% and a reading subtest score of at least 60.

  • Submit a professional resume. Please provide a professional resume outlining your academic and professional history.

  • Submit a letter of intent. You must submit a 1-2-page student statement detailing your exposure to nursing and explaining why you want to become an RN. This document helps us understand your unique situation and personal goals.

  • Submit one professional letter of recommendation. As an applicant, you will be required to submit one professional letter of recommendation. This letter should come from a supervisor at your current or former place of employment. This letter should indicate what attributes the individual believes you have that will make you a great RN. The letter can be addressed to “Nursing Director”.

  • Submit official transcripts from all previous institutions that show

    from all previous institutions that show completion of required prerequisites

Note: Preference will be given to those individuals with a prior college degree. All prerequisites must be complete before an application for enrollment can be considered. Applicants who are not native speakers of English are required to take appropriate tests of language proficiency.

As admission is competitive, the GPA of the applicants admitted is usually significantly higher than the minimum 2.5 required.

The higher your TEAS scores, the more competitive your file will be. WGU allows two attempts in a 12-month period. TEAS scores are valid for five years.