Online PG Cybersecurity Course by UT Austin | Great Learning

Living in the digital age, a cybersecurity degree today is more important than ever. Cyberterrorists have the power to monitor the most confidential information of big business firms and exploit their consumers. The big businesses today are thus willing to pay any amount of money to defend the security breach and cyber-attacks. 

An IT security degree provides you with foundational and advanced knowledge about various concepts which include: 

  • Basic Data Analysis

  • Cyber Defense

  • Cyber Threats

  • Fundamental Security Design Principles

  • Networking Concepts

  • Policy, Legal, Ethics and Compliance

  • System Administration and other detailed concepts 


Advanced modules can help you specialize in complex concepts including Cryptography and cloud computing. The wide range of concepts make you eligible for competing in this expanding market. A career in cybersecurity is the most apt career in today’s time, thus a relevant degree is necessary to crack the deal of your successful future