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Shoden, which means “beginner teachings,” is an 8-hour course that introduces the system of Reiki fro the Japanese perspective, initiating students into this lifelong practice. Teachings include the history of Reiki and where it really comes from, various breathwork meditation techniques, practice sensing energy in yourself and others, a deep dive into the Reiki precepts and how to apply them, four Reiju/attunements and hands-on healing practices for the self and others. The importance of intent, letting go and direct experience are emphasized throughout.

Upon completion of this course, students will establish a home practice. Molly will be available for support and guidance during this process and beyond. Read more about Molly’s Virtual Reiki Practice Spaces.

A coursepack is provided in pdf form, along with a certificate of completion and a bonus gift!

This course is offered for a fee of $175 (discount of $20 available for early sign-up). Scroll up for upcoming offerings, or click here to register.